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Regardless of your writing being a fiction or a documentary work, we have a lot to offer, so you can bring your manuscript to the public’s eye!


How to Ascend the Literary Ladder: Become a Published Author in 5 Masterful Steps

For several years, Sunset Park Publishing has been the beacon guiding countless individuals in realizing their dreams of becoming celebrated authors.  Allow us the opportunity of helping you to the finish line.  Here are the fives steps to success 

STEP 1: The Genesis - Expert Consultation

Embark on your literary journey with a pivotal first step – submit a polished manuscript to your dedicated Publishing Consultant. This personalized consultation lays the foundation for transforming your manuscript into a literary masterpiece.

STEP 2: Spreading the Word - Global Distribution

Witness the metamorphosis of your book as our adept team meticulously edits the content, designs an enthralling cover, and tailors the layout of your book’s pages, ensuring every element resonates with perfection.

STEP 3: The Spotlight Awaits - Tailored Promotion

As an esteemed Sunset Park Publishing author, your book is destined for greatness. Our bespoke promotion campaign, tailored exclusively for your book, ensures it captures the limelight and reaches the hearts of readers.

STEP 4: Crafting Excellence - Book Production

Our adept distribution team is your book’s passport to the world. We ensure your book is accessible to a global audience, available for purchase online and gracing the shelves of bookstores.

The Grand Finale 
The Finish Line 
- Merchandising and Fulfillment

Elevate your authorial presence and ignite interest in your book. Our team is at your service, expertly managing merchandising and shipping orders to eagerly awaiting readers.

What Authors Say

"As an author, I can assure you, that waiting for a letter of interest from a publishing house is a nervous affair… Luckily, these guys were the first on my list and they published my short stories book in a short time. Thanks God that exactly at the moment when I felt desperate."
Bruce D.
August 2022
"Sunset Park Publishing was the guiding star in my journey as an author. I was amazed at how their ghostwriting service breathed life into my ideas. The book production was seamless - from content edits to a captivating cover design. Their tailored promotion and marketing strategies catapulted my book into the spotlight. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in this literary adventure!"
January 2023
"As a first-time author, I was daunted by the publishing process. Sunset Park Publishing was my knight in shining armor. Their meticulous content editing and stunning cover designs were just the beginning. The online PR consulting was invaluable, and the global distribution ensured my book reached corners of the world I never imagined. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team!"
Michael S.
May 2022
"I owe my success as an author to Sunset Park Publishing. Their ghostwriting service was a revelation, and the tailored manuscript editing was beyond my wildest dreams. The marketing campaign was innovative and effective. But what touched my heart the most was the merchandising and fulfillment, which was handled with such professionalism. Sunset Park Publishing is synonymous with excellence."
March 2013
"Sunset Park Publishing turned my dream into reality. Their book production services are unparalleled, with attention to the minutest detail. The tailored promotion and marketing were executed with precision, and the global distribution has given me an international audience. I am eternally grateful to Sunset Park Publishing for making me a published author."
David K.
November 2022
"My experience with Sunset Park Publishing was transformative. Their services gave voice to my story, and the book production was an artistic triumph. The online PR consulting was insightful, and the tailored promotion made my book a sensation. The global distribution and merchandising were the icing on the cake. Kudos to Sunset Park Publishing for their unwavering dedication."
Sophia T.
April 2023
"Sunset Park Publishing was the wind beneath my wings as I embarked on my authorial journey. Their manuscript editing and professional recommendations were akin to alchemy, turning my ideas into literary gold. The book production, with its impeccable editing and enchanting cover design, was flawless. The tailored promotion was the launchpad that sent my book soaring. I am indebted to Sunset Park Publishing for their unparalleled expertise."
James C.
April 2023
"My experience with Sunset Park Publishing was nothing short of magical. The editing team was my muse, and the book production process was a masterclass in perfection. The online PR consulting was an eye-opener, and the marketing campaign was a juggernaut that propelled my book to bestseller status. Sunset Park Publishing is the Midas touch every author needs."
Elena M.
December 2022
"Sunset Park Publishing was the lighthouse guiding me through the stormy seas of publishing. Their editing breathed soul into my narrative, and the book production was an artisan’s touch. The tailored promotion was a symphony of success, and the global distribution was my passport to the world. Sunset Park Publishing is the epitome of literary excellence."
William H.
June 2023
"Partnering with Sunset Park Publishing was the best decision I made as an author. Their editing and cover design services was the quill that penned my dreams, and the book production was a canvas of creativity. The online PR consulting was a treasure trove of wisdom, and the marketing campaign was a trailblazer. Sunset Park Publishing is the guardian angel every author dreams of."
Rachel D.

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