Self-Publishing Support: Chart Your Own Literary Course with Expert Guidance

For the trailblazers and independent spirits who dream of holding the reins of their publishing journey, our Self-Publishing Support is the wind in your sails. We empower you to navigate the publishing seas with confidence and flair. Here’s how we support your voyage:

Manuscript Assessment: Our literary experts will review your manuscript, providing invaluable feedback on structure, plot, and character development to ensure your book is in shipshape.

Custom Cover Design: Make waves with a stunning cover that captures the essence of your story. Our designers craft bespoke covers that beckon readers to dive into your pages.

Interior Formatting and Design: Ensure smooth sailing for your readers with impeccable interior formatting and design. From fonts to layout, every detail is calibrated for an immersive reading experience.


ISBN Registration and Metadata: We’ll anchor your book in the literary world with ISBN registration and metadata optimization, ensuring it’s discoverable by readers and retailers alike.

Distribution Channels: Cast a wide net with access to a plethora of distribution channels. From Amazon to local bookstores, we’ll ensure your book reaches the shores of readers around the globe.

Marketing and Promotion: Hoist the sails with a tailored marketing and promotion strategy. From social media campaigns to book signings, we’ll chart a course for success.

E-Book Conversion: Don’t let your story be bound by pages. We’ll convert your manuscript into an e-book, allowing readers to embark on your journey from the device of their choice.

Royalty Management: Keep a keen eye on your treasure with transparent royalty management. We’ll help you understand and maximize your earnings.

Legal and Copyright Guidance: Safeguard your literary treasure with legal and copyright guidance. We’ll ensure your intellectual property is protected.

Post-Publication Support: The journey doesn’t end at publication. We’ll continue to support you with post-publication services, including reader reviews and ongoing marketing.

Set sail on your self-publishing adventure with Sunset Park Publishing as your trusted first mate. Together, we’ll conquer the literary seas and bring your story to the horizons it deserves.

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